Sunday, August 28, 2011

The generosity of the famous (or sort of famous).

This past month, I've talked with a few of my favorite authors, thanks to technology. Facebook, blogs, email--what glorious options we have for "talking" to people.

I subscribe to Earlene Fowler's blogs, which are down-to-earth and warm letters about what's happening on the home front and the struggles she's facing with her latest book. She also posts where she'll be doing book signings and which book is coming out soon. I responded to one of her posts by asking her if she outlined her books or not (not), and received encouragement that there's no right or wrong way to write a novel--just YOUR way. Earlene writes cozy mysteries set along the Central Calif. coast.

Similar encouragement came from Rett MacPherson (see previous post) and Evelyn Sherry, who is part of my writers critique group. Evelyn hasn't published her first novel yet, but she's our most prolific member and we expect to see her in print soon.

Finding encouragement for your writing is truly wonderful. I know, I know, I've raved about my critique group before. A lot. But the support is priceless. And getting encouragement from my favorite writers (whose work lines my shelves) is just fudge frosting!

Write your favorite authors, or Tweet them, or check out their Facebook pages and see what you can learn about their writing disciplines, style, organization, and maybe you'll pick up the name of an agent on the way.

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  1. That's really great! I always thought my favorite authors would be too busy to bother with me, but they are people, too, and they probably enjoy connecting with other book lovers.