Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stop diddling and write

Well, setting up the blog, I finally figured out how to get a photo in, but I couldn't crop. I'm techno-challenged, but I don't want to bug my husband for help, or Stephanie, who helped me set it all up. I'll have to have another photo taken by my 11-year-old, who isn't really getting the zoom stuff straight. 

I am about to stop fussing with this and get back to my manuscript. We were out all day and my behind has only been in the chair long enough to check email. I need to finish at least other scene or two to make me feel like I'm productive. The book calls, the main character is nagging me, and a couple of the sidekicks want more page time. Maybe doing this blog will make me work on the book more so I have something to report, some thought process upon which to ruminate. Does the book already exist, rattling around my brain? I think it does.

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