Thursday, December 11, 2008

now I'm stuck

Every once in a while I reach a spot like today where the story hangs up. I need to think about how to increase the complications while weaving in a couple more complications. I've got to get back to my hero who, while not saving the day, will certainly add some solutions along with his complications. And what about the heroine's relationship with her father? More on that is needed.

You see, we have all these elements hanging around our novels. We need to weave them throughout, some more strongly than others, and they have to lead somewhere to justify their existence in the story. My hero, the main character's father,  and the father's second wife, are all antagonists to some degree. They have to be likeable, though, because they are part of the main character's daily life. In the long run, there is no villain like the one that lies within your own heart, so Anna, my heroine, has to face those things in her life that led her to where she is and keep her from getting to where she wants to go.  Ohh, this just made me think of a good place to pick up my current scene. Later...


  1. Karen, I stumbled into your site while browsing Stephanie's blog. I didn't know you're a writer. I love to write, too, but only as a hobby. I'd love to hear what you're writing about.

  2. I'm glad that processing in the blog world isn't hindering you, but helping you think "out loud".

    PS the new picture is great!