Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas "interruptions"?

Yes, I'm supposed to be diligently working on my book, but some things really are more important. Today, I'm trying to get the CHRISTmas cards out--haven't sent any for a few years and feel deep, crippling guilt. Well, maybe not, but I do need to get them out. The project reminds me to take time to thank God for all the friends and family we have scattered around the world (mostly England if outside the US), and the richness they bring to our lives. Although I don't base any of my characters solely on any person, I do draw from the wonderful humor, wit, and joy these special folks bring to my life. Even the messy ones bring texture to the mix and challenge me to be kinder, more patient, and to choose to look for good.

Today I'm tackling a particularly tough scene in my book and I will draw on my love for the difficult people in my life as I do it. Someone once said that writers have no original ideas, that we are, at heart, thieves from the world around us. May we steal only the best and pass along what gives a little insight and entertainment.

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