Saturday, February 5, 2011

Affirmed--I AM a writer

There's just nothing like a check to affirm that you're really a writer. I recently received payment for an article that was published a few months ago. You know you are a writer when you sit down and write, or when someone reads your stuff and "gets it," or when you see the pages mounting up, and you know you've worked hard on them and they actually are worth reading. (Granted, some people are deluded about this last detail.) But when someone actually pays you for it, it's bliss.

Being paid stirred me up so much that I went back through my files to see what else might be worth sending out. I took a couple to my critique group (faithful ladies, what would I do without you guys?), and was told one was perfect and the other needed a new ending.

Back to the Writers Market Guide--only to be reminded once more how few publications handle short humor. But I found one in Canada that was perfect for this article--at least I hope so, because I sent it off to them. Now we wait. Waiting is the worst part of being a writer.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Now what will you do with that paycheck? Go out and celebrate?

  2. Thanks for the congrats. Helen, I spent it on fuzzy socks, I think. :) It's been a while. Fuzzy socks are essential for every budding novelist, so we don't get cold feet.