Sunday, April 25, 2010

to market, to market, to sell my funny stories

Okay, it's confession time here. I really am dedicated to being a writer. I am dedicated to each of the stories I'm writing. I think about my books throughout the day, in the midst of daily duties as a wife, mother, CEO of our household. But, doggone it I haven't written anything new all month!

I've been writing, yes--rewriting. Reworking a short story with the help of my brilliant critique group and getting it ready to send off. This is a huge challenge to me. The marketing side of things, and the time it takes to hunt down good markets and send stuff out, generally overwhelm me. It's so much easier just to write, but unfortunately, I'm one of those crazy people who actually want somebody to READ my stuff.

I do intend to send off two pieces this week: the short story, and a short humor piece. One publication said their only criterion was that it make them laugh out loud. I read their archived humor pieces and mine is really, honestly MUCH funnier. So I take heart. I qualify. But there seem to be some restrictions on what they accept--like coming from their home state. Sigh. Foiled again.


  1. Oh yes! Marketing your work seems like an arduous task. Everybody has all kinds of suggestions about getting published, but I really just want to write. The story I just sent off was called Ricky Robinson Braveheart.I sent it to a couple of Christian publishers.

  2. I've never shared this with you before, but I love to get on your site and read your "writings" As always, or at least most of the time, they always make me smile. Keep it up Kayo.

    Your closet admirer.....Michael